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Community Land Trust Exercise

What kind of CLT would you like to see in your city? Brainstorm with a group.
Here are some points to define:

- The purpose and the goal of the CLT (e.g. target group and activities).
- The organization of the CLT (e.g. how you will raise awareness and garner support).
- The geographical area of the CLT.
- The structure of the CLT (e.g. board structure and membership).

As you develop the model of your CLT, you will also need to go into further detail regarding the financial, legal, and operational expectations. For this to be successful, you will need to answer the following questions:

- What is your business plan?
- Who will have ownership of the land?
- Who will be responsible for the operation of services?
- What are the financial expectations of the partners?
- What legal requirements does the CLT need to meet in the geographical area where it’s based?
- What sources of support are available?

To guide you in answering the questions above, refer to the roadmap developed by Grounded Solutions Network. In this roadmap, you will find a number of development activities that can help you define the CLT you have in mind. You can access it here:

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