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Digital Learning Guides

Our guides provide you access to the tools and skills transforming communities from around the world.


No two communities are exactly the same. Our skills are meant to assist you in better understanding your community while enabling you to take creative steps in reshaping our tools to meet local needs.

Theory of Change image.
Theory of Change

A Theory of Change is a roadmap that assists in planning to achieve a community's goals.

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News Literacy Project

A free platform to learn how to identify credible information and find reliable sources.

Using Big Data to Solve Community Problems image.
Using Big Data to Solve Community Problems

A free course to learn how to use big data to identify and solve community problems.

Solving Public Problems image.
Solving Public Problems

A free online course offered by GovLab. Develop the skills to create change in your local community.

How to Think about the Future image.
How to Think about the Future

These free courses empower you with skills needed to better prepare your community for the future.



Gathered from our research and real world experiences, our toolbox is meant to provide you with creative approaches to improving your community.

Wikiblock Library image.
Wikiblock Library

An open-source design library to assist in building better communities.

Participatory Budgeting image.
Participatory Budgeting

Community members decide how to spend part of the public budget through a democratic process.

Community Bonds image.
Community Bonds

A tool to help organizations raise funds for community projects.

Tactical Urbanism image.
Tactical Urbanism

We are currently in the process of adding this learning guide to the platform.

Neighbourhood House image.
Neighbourhood House

An organization that gathers and organizes resources to meet local needs.