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What are the Neighbourhood Houses Good For?

Because of the flexible nature of the Neighbourhood Houses, their services can considerably differ. However, their benefits tend to traditionally include, yet are not restricted to:
- Tutoring, mentoring and daycare
- Community gardens and local food accessibility programs
- Facilities for community programs in general, and in particular, sports practice
- Opportunities for local businesses
- Organizing and hosting of events
- Promotion of artistic endeavours
- Administrative and financial support
- Options for affordable housing
- Initiatives around immigrant settlement and integration
- Community mobilization regarding economic, safety, health-related, and housing issues
- Sustainability projects
- Efforts focused on tackling environmental and technological challenges
- Heritage conservation

In the Calgary neighbourhood of Sunalta, their community came together in 2014 to create important additions such as a community living room, an outdoor soccer pitch, a community garden, and so much more. Learn more about the Imagine Sunalta project in the following video:

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