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The End of Airbnb in New York

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Local Law 18 has recently come into force in New York. This law states that short-term rental hosts in the city must be registered and live where they rent out. They should also be present when guests stay, with a limit of two guests. While it aims to address the city’s housing shortage and prevent property speculation by landlords with hundreds of Airbnb listings, there are other individuals who rely on Airbnb to make ends meet. Some New Yorkers list their place on Airbnb when out of town solely to make extra income to support their livelihood. In reaction to Local Law 18, Airbnb has sued New Yor City, arguing such a law is a blow to its tourism economy, locals and small businesses that rely on home sharing. Outside of New York, the article has also found similar restrictive Airbnb rental laws are being implemented worldwide.

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