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Methane is an air-quality problem, so treat it like one

Climate Change, Energy & Pollution


Methane is a significant contributor to climate change. It warms the atmosphere 84 times as much as carbon dioxide within a 20-year time scale. Yet, Canada does not have strong regulations on air quality when compared to other countries like the United States and Australia. While the article calls for more action and responsibility on a federal level, communities can also play a role in reducing methane emissions. For communities that want to advocate for change and spur governmental actions, the article offers four approaches - (1) Ask municipal officials about local policies and measures to control methane and other pollutants, (2) Gather relevant air quality data within the community, and to consult with professionals, (3) Join the local airshed association to organize community actions and (4) Advocate loudly by directing concerns and complaints to provincial energy regulators and commenting on the federal soon-to-be released draft regulatory framework.

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