Uber partners with NASA to bring flying taxis to cities

Mobility Smart Cities


Two major American cities, Dallas and Los Angeles has been selected
for the new uberAIR service which is a ride-sharing option that would
enable four-person flights across town in electric vehicle take-off
and landing vehicles (eVTOLs). Uber has signed Space Space Act
Agreement with NASA to develop Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)
concepts and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to develop safe and
efficient vehicles that operate at low altitudes. To maintain success
of uberAIR project, convenience is an important aspect. UberAIR must
be accessible from various points within the city, with numerous
destination options, and have stable infrastructure. To obtain strong
infrastructure, Uber signed an agreement with Sandstone Properties to
place over 20 strategic locations for Skyports for the Uber Elevate
Network, however the cost of money and resources for development
remains unclear. Despite the challenges, if UberAir can be
successfully installed, and along with reasonable prices and quality
of services, it has the potential to become the main means of

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