Uber is selling bus and train tickets now

Mobility Smart Cities


Uber has expanded from black car service to offering carpool options and bikes. Now the app plans to offer the option of public transit. The Uber app will show real-time train and bus alternatives with the option to buy transit tickets in the app, without paying extra. In this case, Uber will not make much money off of ticket sales and will promote public transit rather than the typical Uber service. Uber is doing this to be the best way to access all modes of transportation. By incorporating public transit, Uber is allowing users to integrate more than one method of transportation into one journey and transaction. By integrating public transit options, Uber could increase usage of the app as it had done with the bike-share program where UberX rides were less called for many individuals but the app was more engaged with. Users may call an UberX less but the app will still be visited for the other methods of transportation. This action could also boost the use of public transit. Uber has teamed up with Moovit, for the real-time bus schedules, and Masabi, a platform that sells digital transit tickets. These arrangements ease the logistical duties that Uber has. The public transportation aspect will be available on the app across the globe when the timing is right.

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