• Secondary Research

    We scour the globe to find relevant cities research and organize the content into over 20 city-building categories using Pocket. Our team crafts short summaries about the collected research and shares them on Twitter. We also share video-based secondary content on Facebook.

  • Year in Review

    At the end of each year, our team reviews all the research we have collected to publish the Year in Review, highlighting the most innovative ideas. It’s a collection of some of our most unique and inspiring pieces of city-building research which is shared on Instagram.

  • Engagement

    While our Secondary Research is global in scope, our Engagement team is local in scope. Through the use of data and the creation of a variety of user-friendly tools, we will empower Calgarians by improving their ability to have a deeper and multi-faceted understanding of urban life and the challenges facing our city and its local communities.

  • Storytelling

    Our Storytelling team helps the public make sense of what’s happening in our cities. The team shares inspiring and relatable stories using the unique insights found throughout our research. This also includes the stories of city-builders striving to leave a positive mark on their communities. You can find our stories on Medium.

  • Innovation Lab

    With a valuation of over half a trillion dollars annually by 2030, building better cities has a significant economic impact. As such, we are diligently working to create a City Innovation Lab in Calgary. This will be a space for city-builders, innovative thinkers, engaged citizens, and the private and public sectors to collide with the intent of creating solutions that improve cities for people and planet. Our facilitators will help those interacting with The Lab to connect with relevant networks, create concepts and prototypes, develop business models, and find capital.