• Our Work

    Our work is rooted in an understanding that cities are webs of significantly complex and relentlessly changing systems. Within these systems, new internal and external forces that impact the system do not determine outcomes. Instead, these forces trigger internal processes in which the system spontaneously reorganizes itself. These changing forces perpetually reshape city systems which shift the trajectory of human experience, our economy and the future of our planet.

  • Research

    It is important to understand the systems that are shaping our cities and the forces that influence those systems. With cities being organisms that are constantly rearranging themselves depending on the forces impacting its systems, the more a city can sense itself, the better the information it has to make decisions. While our organization produces its own research, we also collect and share research from over 150 organizations while sorting the research into over 20 interdisciplinary categories.

  • Storytelling

    Now that we have all this information, what do we do with it? Through storytelling, we synthesize our research and publish original content to assist the public in better understanding what’s happening in our cities. We also propose policies that will intervene in strengthening or adjusting city systems to ensure that they are advancing the creation of more vibrant, inclusive and resilient communities.

  • Incubator

    Through the support of our research and storytelling, we bring together the public sectors, industry and civil society to work together in solving problems that cities face. Through the support of innovation tools and processes, we help innovators turn ideas into prototypes that can be tested to intervene in strengthening or adjusting city systems to work better for people and planet.