• Opportunities

    We cannot do this work alone and we’re always looking for great talent. Becoming part of our team is a great way to apply your skills and learn new skills in a very meaningful way. If you're interested in joining our team, forward your cover letter and resume to talent@imaginecities.com.

  • Program Manager, Urban Data

    We are currently seeking a volunteer Program Manager for Urban Data. The Manager will be tasked in building our Urban Data team and strategy. The team is tasked with building user-friendly tools that engage a variety of urban datasets to assist residents, the private sector and the public sector in better understanding their city.

  • Director of Marketing and Communications

    The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and communications plans. The Director will work in tandem with all the departments within the organization to ensure the effective communication of all programs and opportunities.

  • Research Analyst

    As a Research Analyst, you will be responsible for taking assigned research from our database and producing short summaries. We currently organize our research into 27 categories, so analysts will need to be comfortable with research from a diverse array of city topics such as economic development, transportation, energy, and mental health. The goal of this approach is for our Analysts to better understand the interconnected nature of cities.

  • Director of Fund Development

    The Director of Fund Development is responsible for all fundraising initiatives and activities of the organization. This includes the development and implementation of the fundraising strategy as it’s related to membership, sponsorship, funding applications, and swag.

  • Foresight Advisor

    We are seeking support from an individual who can advise on methodologies and practices for understanding complex challenges through collaborative research. The Advisor will be responsible for providing guidance on key decisions and actions regarding the solutions that the Foresight team works to develop. If you’re looking for hands-on experience starting an initiative dedicated to envisioning city-enhancing solutions, this is the role for you.