• About

    Imagine Cities is a nonprofit organization devoted to making cities better. Better for the people in them. Better for the planet. Right now, and in the future. We focus on curating and sharing interdisciplinary research on cities to inspire and support innovators to push the envelopes of tired and typical approaches to solving city problems.

  • Mission

    By 2050, the United Nations estimates that 66% of people (or 6.402 billion) around the globe will be living in cities. With millions of people pouring into cities each year, communities are becoming increasingly challenged to keep up with population growth while maintaining a resilient economy, ensuring environmental sustainability, and creating a desirable quality of life for everyone.

    Imagine Cities has taken up this challenge by committing to collecting, sharing, and analyzing research to better track and understand the complex systems that shape cities. With the support of our research, our innovation lab aims to inspire, connect, and propel the public sectors, industry and civil society to create meaningful and sustainable innovations that make cities work better for people and planet.

  • Organizational Objectives

    To curate cities research that is accessible, inspirational, and innovative.

    To inform communities, as well as the private and public sectors of the research.

    To connect and support those interested in solving city problems.

  • Guiding Principles

    Cities where everyone is valued, feel like they belong, and are happy.

    Urban economies where everyone can reach their full economic potential.

    Urban systems that are rooted in sustainability.